Memories of a distant past

This track is one of my favourites T.R. Post added the music to extracts from my preaching. The track itself evokes happy memories of my dad who has since gone on to be with the Lord. He was a musician and his name was Sam, I dedicate this to his memory....

Who is in Control?

The word "Divinely" and "Appointed" convey the sense that one is not in control of their own destiny?  The biggest challenge is submitting to the will of God when you have no understanding as to why you are being lead in a certain direction. You have to learn to trust him, something which gets easier through the passage of time and by the experiences you gain by exercising  your faith muscles.

The key lies in developing one's personal relationship with The Holy Spirit, this takes time and is not a one-off action but a journey."Hijacked into Paradise," a song written by a good friend of mine Godfrey Birtill describes perfectly my experience when  I received this intoxicating joy which flowed over me and erupted deep within me, taking me to places I never dreamed existed. I was swept along in an ecstasy which overwhelmed me at times,"  The Lord said to Peter that there would come a time in his life when the Spirit would lead him in paths he did not wish to tread. Divinely appointed places according to God's plan. I can't say that I have not wanted to be lead on this path, it has turned out to be a glorious adventure over the last twenty something years.

father God thank you for your plan and your appointed times for my life, even though  I may not understand the direction you are leading me, I submit to you. Take me deeper in my relationship with You.

Website Renovation


I have been wanting for some time now to update the website and have not been to happy with the present layout, but with traveling a lot and then heart surgery its one of those projects I have at to put on the back boiler. Now that I have to spend time recuperating after my surgery I have the time to work on it.

It brings to mind the phrase, "every cloud has got a silver lining, and always look on the bright side of life....." and to finish with a scripture "All things (not just some) work together for good!"