How to be Effective


How does one measure effectiveness I hear you ask? To help answer your question, we need to ask ourselves the following questions to try to come to an adequate solution that will help us evaluate the problem.

1. How is it measured?
2. How much can I do?
3. How little?
4. What can I automate?
5. What can I delegate?
6. What is the One Thing I need to set my focus on so that it moves the projects forward?

I would suggest that you try to delegate the tasks that you do not enjoy. We shall call this stage strategic elimination; then there are challenges we need to confront that hinder us making progress in being productive, things like:
1. Our Insecurity which cripples one's creativity.
2. Our Fear of failure.
3. Other people's opinions.

As you answer some of the above questions, you will find that it will help in taking you to another level, where the view comes progressively into focus.

The psalmist prayed to God to teach him how to number his days that he may apply his heart to wisdom, the core of his being may focus on fulfilling the knowledge that God has given him. 
"Help us to remember that our days are numbered, and help us how to interpret our lives correctly."  [psalm 90:12]