The Power of The Cross.

I remember Derick Prince a well known British author and Bible teacher coming to Liverpool in the early-mid eighties and asking the congregation to forgive him. He spoke these words, " I have come to realise that I have drifted away from the "Message of the Cross." (Being involved with what was known then as the discipleship movement, or the heavy shepherding movement.)

Wow, what a statement to make before a congregation that looked up to this man. It took a lot of grace and humility to admit he had drifted off course from his original mission. Now by making this statement he had put his reputation on the line  But isn't that what the cross does? it strips away self-righteousness and man's control to achieve by his efforts right standing with God. We have to take the time to come aside and consider the path we are treading. Occupied with the daily chores of life,' the demands it puts on us can make our whole mission confusing, and we drift from the original calling that God imparted to us.

The purpose of the Cross then is to destroy our feeble knowledge and philosophies, to bring to zero our self-righteousness that we may exchange our filthy rags for His robes of linen.