A good practice is to take some time to consider your mission and in so doing to create a "Mission Statement." I remember during the outpouring in Toronto in the early nineties reading the Mission Statement of the then "Toronto Airport Church," exhibited on the back wall of the church,  it read, " Our Mission is to Walk in the love of God and give it away." That has always stuck with me throughout the years. In some ways you are stating what your aim is, meaning you have not quite reached it yet. A Mission is equivalent to a journey; it's a process walked out over time.

What is the value of a mission statement?
Paul was pursuing his mission with such intensity that he did not have time to visit the believers when he was in Rome. The first thing that comes to mind here is  

1. When you are pursuing something, you focus on the goal.

2.  God will give you partners to help you fulfill that mission. Something I struggled with in the early days of itinerate ministry, I did not want to manipulate people into investing into the ministry because of the excess practices when it comes to raising funds among individual T.V. Ministries.

3. The  Lord showed me that He would touch people's hearts to partner with me and that I needed to have a means by which they could invest their seed in the Kingdom of God so that people could put action with their prayers. You would not believe how it helps when you have people alongside you not only praying but giving sacrificially; it is very humbling for the one on the receiving end.

In the passion translation, it reads "he was looking for the church to help Him financially to visit Jerusalem."  It is not just looking to God to provide; there is a responsibility on believers to support ministries that have been a blessing to them, they can enable by becoming a partner in a Ministry's Mission,  after all, God gives seed to the sower.